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iClean Facility Services is more than a group of men and women with great attitudes.  We are contagious.  We give back.  We care.   Living in the Seacoast of New Hampshire we have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many caring non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our hometowns, our state, and our region.

What They do.

House of Hope is a warm meal, a food pantry, smiling face, and a transitional home for men.  They are a registered 501(C)(3) ministry that spends every nickel on the mission, not salaries.  


Charged by giving locals, a passionate community, and regional churches, House of Hope sets the tone for a giving and humble community.  Located in Berwick Maine, helping familes near and far one meal and conversation at a time.

What We Do.

We love.  We help. We donate.  Serve one meal, sit in on one conversation, hear one heart-pulling story and you to will feel the need.


iClean helps were the ministry most needs it, it's wallet.  Additionally, we make sure the kitchen and facilities are clean and we receive the longest use out of all equipment on the premises. 

What You Should Do.

Explore. Call over, help serve one meal.  You will not be greeted with a schedule and asked to help every night.  You will be greeted with a hug.  A Thank you.  We are called as stewards to give back, to care, and to love people. 


House of Hope doesn't want your money.  They want your heart. With changed hearts, giving hands, an honest intent, we can change the community at a time.  Will you help in your own community with us?

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