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Office Cleaning in NH is more important than ever.   With increased office buildings, increased demand for cleaning services, and a need in the industry for qualified, committed, and professional office cleaning, iClean Facility Services is poised to lead the industry.

We Communicate Internally.


We have all hired that cleaning company who doesn't communicate, doesn't own mistakes, and isn't professional.    We are the opposite.  We are the enigma in this industry.  Office Cleaning in NH deserves better.  We consider ourselves to be the leader, we consider ourselves to the thoroughbred. 


With employee's that communicate to both each other and the client we circumvent many issues before they even happen.  When you bring on iClean Facility Services to maintain your office cleaning in NH, the first thing we do is set up the means to communicate.   Whether it's a communication board in the janitors closet, or our team's personal connecting with you staff, our goal is complete access.

We are accountable.

We aren't perfect, but we will never accept anything but.


Office Cleaning in NH is simple.  We provide a service second to none, at a value, and we don't let people down.   Today, our crew is cleaning offices from Boston to Portland, Maine with accountabilty.   Every evening we leave notes for your staff on our communication board letting you know what area's we maintained if it's off our daily spec list.  If we missed something, we will rectify ASAP.  

We are Reliable.


We hear stories all the time about companies that miss workdays or schedule a cleaning and never show up.   That is not us.  We enjoy what we do, and we enjoy making a substaintial difference in your workplace.


Give us a chance to Clean your office in NH, MA, or ME and you won't be sorry, you will be a customer for life.


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